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American Indian Books, DVDs, and Whispering Wind magazine

American Indian Books, DVDs, and Whispering Wind magazine

American Indian Books, DVDs, and Whispering Wind magazineAmerican Indian Books, DVDs, and Whispering Wind magazineAmerican Indian Books, DVDs, and Whispering Wind magazine

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The only publication featuring American Indian articles on crafts, material culture, powwow dates, auction results, gallery openings, historical photo analysis and more.

Whispering Wind Crafts Annuals

Each Crafts Annual contains "how to" craft articles from the pages of Whispering Wind magazine, expertly written, photographed and illustrated.

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 DVDs: Crafts, Powwows, Dance Styles, History

Clothing Patterns

 A wide selections of patterns for making many parts of your outfit; from shirts and dresses to moccasins. 

Music CDs and Books on Music

  • American Indian books on music & dance.
  • CDs on Powwow music, Gourd Dance, Church songs, Pipe Ceremony. & Featured Artists. 


A wide variety of Native American related titles.

Black History, Code Talkers, Cooking, Cradles, Crazy Horse, Education, Games, General Studies, Humor, Little Big Horn Battle, Myths, Legends, & Stories, Sign Language, Tipis, Totem Poles, Weaving & Baskets, Women's Studies.

Material Culture, Museum Collections, Photographic History

Books: Crafts & Clothing

Books on American Indian crafts, beadwork, quillwork, clothing including traditional clothing, women's clothing, and more.

Paul Goble's illustrated books are done in the Lakota style of ledger and hide art. Stories are stores of mystery and life events designed to teach children these values.

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Tribal and American Indian histories - Eastern, Southeastern, Northeast, Great Lakes, Northwest, West Coast, Plains, Plateau, Southwest

Originally published as a 20 volume set, each is an encyclopedia summarizing knowledge about all Native peoples north of Mesoamerica, including cultures, languages, history, prehistory, and human biology, is a standard reference work for anthropologists, historians, students, and the general reader. Leading authorities have contributed chapters to each volume. Area volumes include separate chapters on all tribes. These heavily illustrated works contains extensive bibliographies and is well indexed. Each volume may be purchased and used independently. Some of the volumes are now out-of-print. 

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Stay in touch with friends and relatives with the fine symbolic cultural art of Native artist, David Craig. Cards are blank inside, and its folded size is 5 1/2" wide by 4 1/4" high. Packaged 8 cards to a set with envelopes.

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